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What is Gruve 3 Forrest?

At Basecamp Masai Mara, in Kenya, trees has been popping up like mushrooms in rain – well almost. Wh...


Using sustainable tourism as a vehicle for creating positive change

Basecamps’ work has received recognition locally and globally. This is a great motivating factor for...


Women: The Basecamp Maasai Brand

Lack of economic opportunities for women is a major global concern, which hinders gender equality an...


Youth: Koiyaki Guiding School

Koiyaki Guiding School’s mission is to enhance the employment prospects of young Maasai in a time wh...


Biodiversity: Basecamp Tree Plantation and Nursery

Since the Basecamp Tree Plantation was established in 2000 we have planted 75,000 trees. The aim of ...


Lions: The Mara Naboisho Big Cat Project

The Mara Naboisho Big Cat Project is a long-term effort to monitor and protect the lion, leopard and...


Towards a village bank: Maasai Women Embrace Community Managed Microfinance

As we approach the meeting spot under a tree in Mpuaai we spot bright Maasai kangas giving in to the...