How to travel to Spitsbergen

Svalbard is closer than you think - just 3 hours’ flight from Oslo. You can depart from central Europe in the morning and reach one of our outer stations - Isfjord Radio, the Ship in the Ice or Nordenskiöld Lodge – by evening. For longer trips, it's good to have a rest in Longyearbyen before departing for the wilderness the next day. 


Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) operate flights to Longyearbyen from Tromsø and Oslo. For more information please visit for booking. Norwegian airlines is a new airline company flying to Longyearbyen from Oslo around 3 times a week, offering relatively affordable prices. You can book your tickets from the Norwegian airlines website:


Please remember that all travellers to Svalbard need to go through passport control. The identity of all travellers between Svalbard and the Norwegian mainland will be checked both upon arrival and departure. If you need a visa  to enter Norway, please note that you will need a second visa to enter Norway again after your trip to Spitsbergen.


There is an airport shuttle that will take you easily from the airport to our Trapper's Hotel and back. The price is NOK 75 per adult.


In Longyearbyen, you can walk around on your own. On both sides of the settlement there are polar bear warning signs, making sure that everyone entering the wilderness has proper safety equipment with them. Do not wander past those signs without an experienced guide and a rifle. To get around the settlement more quickly, you can rent bicycles from us. Taxis are also available to visit the outer sides of the settlement in a safe way.
There are only approximately 40 kilometers of road in total in Longyearbyen, and there are no roads connecting different settlements. To get out of Longyearbyen, and into the arctic wilderness, you can travel by boat during summer and snowmobile or dog sled during winter. Whenever leaving the settlement, it is wise to travel with a professional guide with proper safety equipment. We recommend that you book all your trips through recognized companies.