HOTEL Isfjord radio

Once a Solitude Outpost, Now a Hotel at the End of the World
summer & winter 
22 rooms
Breakfast & dinner 
bookable with a trip
From 6,990 nok
per person
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Once a Solitude Outpost, Now a Hotel at the End of the World

After a gratifying day of gliding over the glaciers, mountains, and frozen fjords by dogsled or snowmobile, or by an open boat safari across the Arctic Ocean, you’re home.

This 1933 built solitude outpost for radio operators doesn't look like much from the outside. As you enter, though, you'll discover a different world. The contrast between the surrounding rough coastal landscape and the modern luxury hotel inside is a sight to behold. It is easy to forget where you are, but a quick dip in the Arctic Ocean will bring you back.

Just like the original residents of the outpost, decades ago, you'll gather around the table for dinner, a journey of tastes from the Arctic: smoked seal, whale, halibut with roe butter, and reindeer sausage. Most of the meat here is hunted by one of the three trappers left in Spitsbergen, then prepared in Isfjord Radio's modern kitchen by our top chefs to a standard that would please even the toughest food critic.

Later in the evening, as you lay on your bed surrounded by the Arctic silence, you realize that it has been one of the best days of your life.



Isfjord Radio offers unique accommodation 90 km from Longyearbyen. There is no roads connection from Longyearbyen, so you need snowmobiles during winter time or boat transfers during summer time to get here. 

isfjord Radio

Price is per person for one night in double room at Isfjord Radio including 3-course dinner and breakfast. In addition you need to book a snowmobile or boat safari.

breakfast & dinner included
winter & summer season
22 rooms
wilderness hotel
free wifi
From 1,990 nok
per person
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You can reach Isfjord Radio during winter season either by snowmobile or ecologically by dog sledding. We even have a skiing trip which has a final stop at Isfjord Radio. During summer season you can travel to Isfjord Radio by open boat across Isfjorden in just a couple of hours. It's a lot closer than you think! See below for a list of adventures that will take you to Isfjord Radio.


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St Olavs Rose

In summer 2013 Isfjord Radio was awarded the St Olav’s Rose – a hallmark of Norwegian Heritage.