North pole basecamp

Mobile Tentend Camp at Spitsbergen 78 degrees North
winter season
2 tents
/ 12 person
Breakfast  & dinner
expedition tent camp
From 2,490 nok
per person
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VISIT THE North pole BASEcamp at Spitsbergen 78 degrees north 

North Pole Basecamp is a mobile tented camp. We change the location throughout the season and year after year. This is a new adventure every time even for the experienced Spitsbergen travelers!

North Pole Basecamp offers modern camping in the arctic wilderness. After a long day travelling like a Polar Explorer, arriving at the North Pole Basecamp for a good dinner, few drinks and storytelling takes you to another world. Here you get to appreciate the small things, normally taken for granted; heated tents, soft beds and indoor toilet all feel bit luxuries out here. 

After a snowy drive on snowmobile or dog sledge, it is nice to arrive to the North Pole Basecamp. In the guest tents, there is an entrance room, where you can hang your snowmobile suite and place boot. The dining tent has a big table where we gather for polar inspired dinners. Enjoy few drinks and recap your own day of polar travel. 

Each tent has windows giving light and sense of the open space. With the midnight sun shining from mid-april, you can dine while looking for polar bears or lay in your bed and enjoy the arctic scenery around you. The tents have modern heating system and are warmed up during the evening and morning to make the camp life in the arctic more comfortable.  Nights can be cold, but for that, we have warm expedition sleeping bags to keep you warm. This is North Pole Basecamp after all. 

North pole baseCAMP 

In the guest tents there is a separate toilet in the entrance room, so you do not need to dress up for a tour to the toilet. The sleeping area has up to six beds and can be divided into two different rooms with 2 beds in each. Private tent can be organized if there is room. The stay includes accommodation, dinner and breakfast. In addition you need to book a snowmobile or dog sledding safari to the North Pole Basecamp. 

breakfast & dinner included
winter season
minimum 2 persons
tented camp
No connection
From 2,490 nok
per person
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Intense debate on who has reached North Pole first has been going on throughout the history. In May 12th 1926 Roald Amundsen reached the North Pole with his airship Norge. This was the first recorded, verified and scientifically convincing expedition reaching the pole. 

Some years earlier Amundsen had reached the North Pole together with a Norwegian polar explorer, Oscar Wisting. Together they had planned and organized several expeditions and in 1926, Wisting participated Amundsen's successful North Pole expedition. This made Wisting, along with Amundsen, the first person reaching both Poles first.

Although the Airship Norge was Norwegian owned, it was designed and piloted by Italian Umberto Nobile. The flight started from Kings Bay in Nyålesund, 87 degrees north in Spitsbergen. They crossed the Arctic Ocean, flying over the North Pole and landed safely to Alaska.  Few years later Nobile attempted to renew the expedition. In 1928 he fly over the North Pole for the second time with his airship Italia. Unfortunately, Italia crashed on its way back and Nobile loosed half of his crew. 

Adolf H Lindstrøm was present on several of the expeditions led by Amundsen and other well-known polar explorers. Lindstrøm was a famous and respected polar chef, joining several of the breaking expedition, including the expedition on Fram to the South Pole.